Murrumbooee – Our Manufacturer & Product Processor

Murrumbooee Australian & International Condiments (“Murrumbooee”) is our own wholly Australian gourmet food manufacturing business which we acquired in 2017 and which manufactured  33 high quality food products.

The Murrumbooee business has now been acquired by the Hop2it Global Wealth Group of Companies for the purposes of expanding it globally from its then current sales to over 400 retailers by adding new products such as Murrumbooee Infant Formula, special “hemp” based clothing,  surf wear, coffee, wine and even a  women’s and men’s skin care range. Murrumbooee is managed by Food Addict Pty Ltd (web site at www.fatg.com.au).

Murrumbooee — is an Australian Aboriginal word for cascading water.

Murrumbooee is a waterfall located in the Gibraltar National Park in Australia and is surrounded by the Kamilaroi Aboriginal Tribe.